Supplements for weight lifters and body builders- pros and cons

Supplements for weight lifters and body builders- pros and cons

The popularity of health supplements have increased in the recent years. Gone are the days when only professional weight lifters and body builders would rely on exercise and nutritious food intake. Nowadays, muscle gaining supplements have found its way in the diet of amateur weight lifters and other people as well. One can get visible results while using weight supplements. These supplements tend to make up for the muscle loss that happens while heavy exercising. The body craves for instant energy after a hectic workout and these products provide that. While there are some advantages of this, there are disadvantages too. Here is a list of pros and cons to  using Weight lifting supplements.


  • Gain mass: One of the most basic reasons for people to takes weight lifting supplements is to gain body mass and that is why protein powder is much popular. Protein is the building block of muscles and therefore, bodybuilders use protein powder to help repair muscles after a prolonged workout session, speed recoveries and preserve muscle mass. The standard is usually 1 to 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight every day.
  • Energy: Energy found in amino acids, also known as creatine, is produced naturally in the body and also found in meat such as beef, chicken and pork; however the problem with naturally found creatine is that the amount of protein in it is not high, which therefore, draws bodybuilders to supplement it with a manufactured one. Bodybuilders use creatine to increase anaerobic energy; this allows them to lift weights for longer periods of time. Creatine also helps to give volume to the muscle cells by adding more water in them, thus making them look fuller.
  • Multivitamin: A bodybuilder’s regime is strict and consuming the essential nutrients is an integral part of the process. The entire process can take a very nasty turn if one is not careful with the amount and type of food intake. The intake of multi vitamins can, therefore, have a good impact on a body builder if taken properly. These multivitamins are used so that essential vitamins and minerals are supplied to the body, to promote good health and also allow a constant flow of energy.



  • Side-Effects: While the signs of a great body may make one think that there cannot be anything wrong with bodybuilding supplements, the facts speak otherwise. Bodybuilding supplements do have side-effects and one must listen to their trainer before giving in to the thoughts of buying one. Creatine can cause heart problems, kidney problems, dehydration, diarrhea and muscle cramping.
  • The right amount of workout: It is possible that the protein powder one is taking doesn’t work on the body. Supplements should only be taken if one has a rigorous workout schedule or else, it will turn out to be of no value. Most people just purchase a box of supplements without really doing the exercises, which are very important. Unless one finds out the dosage that suits them and the amount of time one should dedicate for the workout, impressive results cannot be obtained.


Hence even though health supplements can aid in muscle gain, it is equally important to check the food habits and lifestyle too. Because it is a combination of all these factors that help in building a successful professional weight lifter.

Weight lifting supplements

Weight lifting supplements

Weight lifting is a very common term these days and most of the people are aware about this
aspect of physical activity. To help the people with their weight lifting as well as body building
training programs there are a host of weight lifting supplements available in the market.
However before you decide to use any such supplement products from the market it is
important to understand the potential risks of those supplements on your health. It is essential
that you do a comprehensive research regarding the product as well as its contents. It is better
to consult with a doctor or an health expert to determine whether that specific weight lifting
supplement is safe for your consumption.

The different weight lifting supplements
You can find a host of weight lifting supplement options in the market. With aggressive
marketing strategies taking centre-stage, the companies are pushing their products left, right
and centre. In such a scenario it often becomes difficult to make a choice for your yourselves.

Before you go on to purchase you must know what are good weight lifting supplements and
whether you can consume it via your daily diet. Let us have a look at some of the popular and
resourceful options that serve as great weight lifting supplements.

Minerals and multi-vitamins: The minerals and multi-vitamins are a great source of
supplements that provide a wide range of health benefits. The minerals and multi-vitamins not
only help you to keep a good physique but it also helps in avoiding diseases.

Whey protein: The Whey protein is considered as the purest form of protein supplement. The
whey protein is obtained as a by-product of the process used for making cheese. The whey
protein supplements are the most popular and the one usually used by weight lifters/body
builders for building up their physique and maintaining the muscle tissues. The Whey protein is
easily absorbed and better digested than other forms of proteins. In addition to this the Whey
protein has a lot of benefits which includes increase in the muscle mass, improvement in the
appetite control, feeling of fulfillment in dieting and it contains a higher degree of leucine as
compared to other sources of protein.

Creatine monohydrate: Creatine monohydrate is a form of amino acid which provides great
benefits to the person consuming it. It occurs naturally in a human body. However when it is
consumed as a supplement it provides great results for building strength and muscles. A well
laid out and structured intake of Creatine monohydrate provides significant results and hence is
one of the primary sources of weight lifting supplements.
Caffeine pills: The caffeine pills is a great way to provide a thrust of energy in the morning and
helps you perform at a high level for a longer period of time.

The caffeine pills also help inreducing fatigue, tiredness and feeling of soreness. The caffeine pills are also believed to
increase endurance in a human body. Due to its effectiveness the caffeine pills are widely used
by body builders and weight lifters.

The Most Effective Foods To Get Muscle-building

The Most Effective Foods To Get Muscle-building

What’s the optimal/optimally nourishment for weight-lifters?

You talked relating to this much and also need to have discovered that this particular question. Any weight-lifter will inform you , locating the diet programs are somewhat crucial as perspiration it out, although opinions can fluctuate.

Proteins are the inspiration for both your muscles. The daily ingestion of 0.5 gram per pound of bodyweight daily would be the proposed benchmark for a ordinary specific. Body-builders and weight-lifters desire even more or 50 percent carbohydrates compared to the usual typical person, inside their daily diet. Along side this proteins elements such as zinc and iron are to be contained on your diet plan plan. 1 food thing that’s full of iron, protein and zinc is meat. Researches reveal that meat is more deadly, in case absorbed for a lengthy period.

Safer meat to get a weight-lifter is duck and poultry. However, they’re saturated in zinc and iron. Fish and fish are thought of since the beef for ingestion. Then inline includes milk and milk solutions. Milk, cheese, milk are full of calcium and proteins. If you’re a vegan that is pure diet, also also you crave to get this particular protein diet, then do not stress, beans bean that is soya and nuts such as groundnuts are more full of proteins. Nuts are a good resource for nutritional vitamins and minerals mineral that is essential.

To satisfy with all of the necessities of the weightlifter diet might need to become absorbed in amounts that are great. This is going to lead to fat build up and glycogen storage. To rectify this issue weight-lifters possess protein powders. Protein powders are two types.

Whey-protein: extracted from egg protein, whey protein comes with a very quick absorption speed. As a result with the property protein is perfect for article work out protein loading. A weight lifter will be in need of approximately 1 gram every day per kilogram protein. It’s advised that you simply have it in fixed intervals and combine sugar and water and your everyday allowance of nourishment. Its absorption wills slowdown .

Case in protein: that particular protein is more dispersed from your milk. Case in protein’s absorption speed is gradual. Case in protein can be the best protein for consumption before sleeping. Your system takes around 8 to 1-2 hrs consume it and then to split this down particular protein. This guarantees there’s a source of proteins such as muscle building reduction throughout the period. Case in protein is absorbed together with all milk.

It is the the high quality and not. To furnish a supply of carbohydrates to muscle tissue, consume 3 to 4 times daily. Prohibit your calories. If your daily diet lacks protein things, then supplemented it. Drink lots of plain water. Water enables your body.

Don’t forget that the gold lineup of weightlifting nourishment;

Consume inch gram of protein a pound and over 1-5 cal power for each pound of fat in one moment. With a great deal of labour, and also the correct diet, supplemented by carbohydrates, making those muscles isn’t really a job that is hard.

The Advantages of Vitamin Pills

Require A Wave Oil, Krill Oil Or Omega3 Health Supplement
There has been quite a bit of press about of the huge benefits of supplementing omega 3, a crucial fat that your entire body requires to get a plethora of purposes. And thus do not bypass this stage inside this example it can help with the absorption and also the wellness of one’s muscle tissues. Tend not to put it simply utilize your magnifying shake to scrub the capsule .

Insert An Vitamin D 3 Health Supplement
You probably currently understood that vitamin D served build bones and bones directly? But were you aware vitamin D aids with the absorption of a few nourishment? Add a vitamin D 3 (one of the most frequently encountered type of this) health supplement should you choose your own omega3 to be sure that your human body may readily utilize all of the fantastic nourishment on your shake.

All these 5 steps will go a ways toward powering your shake up and also assist you to have the most. Decide to try and beverage it over 30-60 minutes of the own workout to benefit from this window that is maximum-uptake the earlier the better. Just like absolutely any supplementation, so be sure that your physician has accredited the exact substances for the specific usage, if any preexisting conditions will be impacted, and also alerting any problems you will end up in your own way into some nourishment aims while optimizing the outcomes from the period at the fitness center!